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Most rugs require different cleaning methods than carpeting does. Rug cleaning depends on the material from which the rug is made.

Many rugs are made of wool, which is beautiful and durable. In particular, Oriental rugs almost always contain wool, which requires specific cleaning methods.

In contrast, carpets are typically made from synthetic (plastic) fibers. Unfortunately, many homeowners and amateur carpet cleaners damage rugs by using steam and harsh chemicals.

The problem is that steam cleaning shrinks the wool in rugs, and damages it by curling and wrinkling the fibers. Just as it is when cleaning wool clothes, hand-washing in cold water is safest for delicate wool rugs.

And, the harsh chemicals used to clean nylon and other synthetic fibers in typical carpeting can damage wool rugs by changing the pH and stripping out the natural lanolin content which keeps wool soft and flexible.

Once a rug is damaged by chemical cleaners, it’s too late – Wool fibers quickly become dull-colored, brittle and short-lived.

The best method for rug cleaning

Here at Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning, we use the very best method for cleaning Oriental rugs and other wool-based materials.

Our acid cleaning technique is the ideal way to ensure that your rugs are clean and healthy, without damaging them by steam.


Here’s how acid cleaning helps wool rugs:

✓ Reinforces the molecular bond between wool and the dyes it holds

✓ “Strikes” or refreshes the dye, which brightens rugs’ colors greatly

✓ Softens and conditions wool fibers so they remain flexible

✓ Doesn’t remove the lanolin from wool

Caring for Oriental rugs

Wool authorities recommend annual cleaning for Oriental rugs. And, it’s important to keep them out of direct sunlight in order to avoid bleaching of the rug’s colors.

As well, it’s a good practice to rotate your rugs’ positions so that the pile and padding will wear evenly. And, be sure to check underneath your rugs for any sign of moths, although in-use rugs are only rarely affected.

When it’s time for rug cleaning, Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning can help. Call us today for expert rug cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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