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If you have children or pets in your home, then eventually you’ll need professional carpet stain removal services. No matter how hard they try, kids and pets often leave major stains. And, the longer a stain sets the more likely it is to become permanent.

Here in southern Arizona, Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning is your best choice for carpet stain removal. We can remove almost any stain from your carpet, rug or upholstery. And, with over 30 years of cleaning experience, we’ve seen it all.

If we can’t remove a carpet stain, nobody can


The worst stains

If treated properly, almost any stain can be removed. Of course prevention is better than cure — To reduce staining, it’s important to quickly blot up any kind of spilled liquid.

We recommend using clean, dry paper towels or rags to soak up spills. Don’t rub the spill, since that may drive it deeper down into your carpet’s pile and padding.

Usually, a quick cleanup will help avoid the need for professional cleaning. Still, if you see a stain after the spot dries, we can help.

No stain left behind


Our cleaning teams are experts in carpet stain removal, and we pride ourselves on removing the toughest stains, even those left behind by other cleaning companies. We remove the worst-of-the-worst stains.

  Foods such as ketchup, chocolate and jelly

✓  Blood

✓  Pet stains

✓  Mud and dirt

✓  Grease, oil and tar

✓  Tomato juice

✓  Soft drinks and drink mixes

✓  Wine

✓  Coffee

✓  Grass stains

We can clean any surface

Whether it happens at home or in the office, a carpet stain is a real eyesore. Even if you don’t care about stains yourself, any guest will certainly notice them immediately.

For quick, complete carpet stain removal call the pros at Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning. We’re fast and thorough, and best of all, we’re affordable.


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