Carpet Cleaning

In Green Valley’s desert, it is important to choose the best carpet and tile cleaning service. Dust, dirt and sand can combine to cause especially hard wear on carpets and tile floors.

Dust is spread by windy conditions and Green Valley’s local dust is particularly abrasive because of its sand content.

Dust, dirt and sand accumulate and combine to form a thicker heavier sandy soil. Sandy soil is difficult to remove by homestyle carpet cleaning methods.

Homestyle Carpet Cleaning Versus Professional Carpet Cleaning

Homestyle carpet cleaning equipment provides 10 pounds of water pressure which isn’t enough to reach the sandy soil sitting on the bottom of the carpet and the padding. Homestyle cleaning equipment only cleans the top half, upper layers of the carpet with weak vacuum power.


Our industry leading carpet cleaning equipment delivers 800 pounds of water pressure to reach thru the pile to the sandy soil sitting on the bottom of your carpet and the padding. Our expert cleaning teams ensure that no grime is left behind.

Once the dirt and stains are removed, your carpet will look and smell clean and fresh.

Soiled carpets are unsightly and unhealthy – They trigger allergies in many people.

Want, clean, healthy carpets?

Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning provides professional, affordable cleaning to help your carpets look their very best.

Carpets become soiled in recognizable stages. Dust, dirt and sand quickly become compacted by foot traffic, the dirt spreads downward to the carpet pile and padding underneath.


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