Odor Removal

Odor removal

If you want the most effective odor removal service in southern Arizona, you should call Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning. We have more than 30 years of experience in carpet cleaning and odor removal.

Our expert cleaning teams can solve any odor problem quickly, and keep your home or office clean and fresh-smelling. We have the cleaning industry’s most powerful cleaning equipment, powered by 800 pounds-per-inch of steam pressure.

We can remove all the odor-causing stains from your carpet, upholstery or any other material.


Why are pet odors so persistent?

Many property owners try to remove pet stains and odors from their carpets by using ordinary homestyle cleaning methods. Unfortunately, in most cases the odor returns soon after cleaning, even if the guilty pet is no longer there.

Urine is a very difficult substance to neutralize. Just as with any liquid spilled onto your carpet or upholstery, pet urine flows downward through the fibers and into the padding below, where it continues to emit odor until it’s completely removed.

And, pets generally return to their previously-marked territory each time they urinate, which concentrates the damage and contamination to your carpet and other property.


After a home style cleanup homeowners discover that the same foul odor returns each time the contaminated area is moistened, whether through ordinary liquid spills, further pet accidents, even ordinary humidity.

That’s because urine becomes more pungent as it dries into crystalline form. And, each new application of moisture reactivates the odor-causing components of urine. So, the only sure way to remove pet odors is by very thorough cleaning.

Beyond causing odors, pet urine also causes permanent damage to carpets. The damage includes fading colors and permanent visible staining. Worst of all, urine is a serious biohazard and health threat for anyone exposed to it.


Odor-free living

Once the pet odor is removed, you and everyone who visits your home will feel better.

It’s important to understand that those who are accustomed to pet odor don’t notice it as much as visitors. Guests may become extremely uncomfortable when exposed to pet odors. The only healthy solution is complete odor removal.

If your carpet or upholstery holds pet urine or other odor-causing substances, call Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning now.

We’ll solve the problem quickly, so you and your loved ones can breathe easier.


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