Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

Remove pet urine from carpet

If you’ve been trying to remove pet urine from carpet, then you already know how difficult the task can be. Perhaps you’ve removed the obvious stains, but that foul odor keeps returning. If so, we can help.

We’re Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning, southern Arizona’s leading problem-solver when you need to remove pet urine from carpet.

We have plenty of experience in removing the worst stains from your carpet and upholstery. Whether it’s blood, chocolate, coffee, ketchup, human or animal wastes, or any other tough stain, we can clean it out of your carpet, rug or furniture.

Our steam cleaning pros can remove any kind of pet stain, no matter how long it’s been present. We have over thirty years of experience in cleaning up after pets, and over the years we’ve seen (and removed) the worst of the worst stains.


Deep cleaning to remove the hidden source of pets odors

Many homeowners try to remove pet urine from their carpet or upholstery, only to discover that the odor persists even after visible stains are gone.

That’s because the source of the persistent odor is hidden deep within the padding beneath your carpet or upholstery.

Unfortunately, urine isn’t completed removed simply by scrubbing the surface as homeowners do – After a pet accident on carpet, the urine trickles downward into the padding below, where it’s nearly impossible to remove without professional cleaning methods.


Once dried into crystals, the hidden urine stain continues to periodically emit a foul odor every time the crystals are reactivated by water.

So, whenever the carpet is dampened, or when there’s lots of humidity in the room’s air, the same foul odor comes back to bother you, your family and guests.

Worst of all, over time the people who enter a pet-stained area may become accustomed to the odor and learn to live with it.

However, guests or anyone not accustomed to the odor of pet urine will certainly be far more sensitive to it, and may even feel nausea when they enter your home. Pet urine odor is unhealthy and disgusting for everyone who experiences it.


Pet odor removal

Fortunately, it’s easy for Green Valley Carpet & Tile Cleaning to solve this problem. We’re known to pet owners throughout southern Arizona for our success in removing pet odors.

We use the industry’s most powerful steam cleaning equipment to dissolve and clean out the foul-smelling urine contamination within your carpet and upholstery, as well as removing ordinary grime, soil, bacteria, funguses and other allergens.

Your home will smell fresh and clean again

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